Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday's word prompt

The word for the day is TRY, there are many directions I could go with this one little three lettered word.
I remember as our children were growing up, they would get frustrated in doing something and I would say to them, "you just need to try" and soon they mastered the frustrating moment.
It is pushing oneself to do more, to do better, to risk and maybe move from your comfort zone.
To ride that bike and do it well, to dive in that water, to step foot in a plane for the first time, to learn to hike rough terrain or climb into a hot air balloon. (No I have not done that)
To write that first blog post and push publish.
To try it and to take a risk and force yourself to step in to place you have never been before.
In seven days we are heading off to our 'favorite canoe trip.'
Four days away from noise, and words, and internet and hot showers as I like them and my favorite bed and my kitties and my comfort zone and place of safety.
The first time we were planning on going I didn't want to.
I strongly dislike camping. I was afraid of the water.
I was not knowing what we would do in a canoe all day long.
It was not looking like any thing I would enjoy.
My husband said, "just try it."
So we went on our first trip and you know what? I enjoyed it a lot.
I forced myself to 'try' something new.
I so enjoyed seeing the outdoors and feeling the wind and warmth and watching the birds fly over our heads.
I so enjoyed hearing the lapping of the water when we moved the canoe with our oars.
I sat in the quiet and felt blessed and full of peace.
I told myself it would be a new adventure and it would be an experience I could write about.
The word try is challenging.
Anytime we do something new we have a choice.
The big decision is whether we will try to do it with a good attitude.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Our coast trip part two

We continued to walk on the edge of the town of Astoria.
It was about 76 degrees outside with a refreshing cool breeze.
So nice to get away from our high temps in town.
We stopped and had lunch at a brew pub.
The wait was very long as they were busy with a lot of people wanting something to eat.
The cool 'beer' was refreshing and the ice water was nice.
After we ate our long awaited lunch we continued our walk to other 'view points'.
This is another water picture of the ship and the type of wood structure the seagulls were resting on.
The ships were very amazing and we could walk up close to them but not enter. It was close to the museum and if one had tickets to the museum they could enter the red boat.
We chose to not do that this time.
As we continued to walk we noticed one of the buildings had incredible art work on the outside.

Notice the kitties in the picture and the faces in the windows, it is a very interesting picture.
I stood for quite some time just looking at each detail, it was amazing to see the creative pictures.
A very cool red door was nearby one of the pictures it brought a whimsical look to the building for sure.
The trip was fun and we had great times of chatting and sharing together. Another day of our coast trip to Astoria.
The flag on the ferry boat waving in the wind reminding me always to say "God bless our America."

Our coastal day out of town

This last weekend we took a day off and went 'sight seeing' on the Oregon Coast.
My favorite place to go.
Our journey included a drive to Gearheart which is a lovely little beach town full of quaint little beach homes nestled among the sand and grass. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of them.
After doing a bit of geocaching which the guys love to do we headed on to Astoria.
In Astoria we were amazed to find some wonderful ships on the water just moving so slow through the waves and current I could have watched them all day long.
They were large in size and amazing to look at then we walked down the trolley car track to see other ships. Here I am walking down the track watching my steps on the uneven wood.
As we headed to the other side of the tracks to see more we enjoyed the cool wind in our faces.
This is the trolley car when it's picking up people along the route.
We were going to ride it then decided to just walk the track to our next viewpoint.
The trolley was very crowded. 
We came around the corner and as we were looking over the waters view point I looked up and saw this mother seagull protecting her babies. She stood up and made all kind of noise to let us know we were close.
We had never seen a seagull and babies in a 'nesting rest' spot before it was very fun to see.
The babies had their soft feathers and it only looked like it was two of them. High on a perch over the waters edge on a large piece of wood. They were very cute and very quiet.
The ferry we were heading to see was this one, a Coast Guard ferry we were not allowed to enter.
It was very pretty sitting in all it's glory against the blue water and landscaping.
Here is another large ship in the water. Amazing to see as it moved slowly into the channel.
At one point in time there were four of them waiting to enter the channel many miles away from where we were standing. So big this picture does not show how large it really was.
This is the top of the ferry boat. Amazing and very high.
If you look closely there are four ships out there far away from us.
The top of one of the ships we were standing next to not far from the very high Astoria bridge.
It was amazing to see the barge ships come through that very high passage way. We watched them move so slowly and yet so guided by a plan and a destination. Amazing to be a part of and watch and very refreshing out in the wind by the water.

Friday, July 17, 2015

I'm Free [Live]

Friday word prompt

It didn't take me long to think of this song and this lady when I saw the word for the day.
We are blessed beyond all blessings because in our land and in our country.
We are free.
Free to walk down the road and shop in any store.
Free to write words on a blog on cyber space.
Free to worship in whatever church we choose.
Free to say and think whatever we decide.
Free to drive down any road on any road trip.
Free to ask for coffee or tea or pie or donuts.
We are free.
May we never ever forget how precious that is.
Now sit back and enjoy this wonderful song by Lynda Randall.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday's word prompt

The word for the day is: Hope
I have a deep appreciation for this word.
Without it, we despair and we anguish over what is taking place without anything better changing for us.
Hope gives a refreshment.
The Bible says: Hope deferred makes a heart faint.
That means when we make it wait and wait with no idea of change we get sad.
Hope: the Spanish version is Esperansa.
We used to have a patient who came into the pharmacy where I worked and her name was Hope. I always loved it and when I asked her the Spanish version it was so pretty when she said it with her beautiful accent. says: it is expectation - the feeling that what is wanted can be had and or event's will turn out for the best.
I can certainly relate to that one after watching my husband go through a full knee replacement recently.
The expectation that he would be able to walk without pain and to exercise without deep distress.
It was a trust issue and also an expectancy on our part to see 'how he would feel' after the recovery process.
It has not disappointed us.
Sometimes the hope it takes for us to receive what we have been waiting and longing for is our 'reward.'
We hope our children will turn out to be 'good citizen's and great parents'.
We hope our health will hold up till our retirement days so we can travel and do fun activities.
We hope our money will hold out so we can be free from anxiety and worry and do all that we 'hope' to do.
So much to hope for, may our heart's not become faint as we wait to see what is a head of us.
Hope is also my 'word' for the year.
Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life.
Proverbs 13:12 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Fridays word prompt

The word chosen to write about this week turned out to be favorite. says: it is regarded as a special favor or preference.
When I think of favorite I tend to think of things that make us happy.
Feeling safe, comfortable and warm is a favorite of mine, although right now in the midst of a heat wave we don't need to be warm.
It reminds me of the song in the Sound of music movie when Julie Andrews sings, these are a few of my 'favorite' things.
In the fall my choice of clothing is sweat pants or jeans with no elastic around the waist.
Then I add a v-neck 3/4 sleeved pull on shirt and warm socks.
If given the choice of desserts my favorite is warm marionberry pie.
If given the choice of what I would like to do, my favorite place is to go to the beach.
If given a dish of ice cream my favorite is pure chocolate by haggen dazz made with few ingredients and deep rich chocolate.
If someone knows me they know and realize I am a one who likes to stay at home.
My favorite place to relax in.
I love the fall and the cool autumn days mixed with the beauty of turning leaves.
I love Christmas and the festivities and traditions.
We can have favorite songs, cars or animals.
It is just a simple choice for us.
To say, these are a few of my favorite things.